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Air conditioning professional that cares

Mobile vehicle air conditioning that specialise in car air conditioning servicing, fault diagnosis and repair.

You probably don't give your car air conditioning a second thought, until you realise it isn't working. Typically this usually happens in summertime when the weather is warmer. You turn on the air conditioning and nothing happens. Car air conditioning should feel cold within a couple of minutes of turning the air conditioning on.

R. Lionheart Services recommend that your air conditioning system is serviced every 2 years, this reduces the risk of moisture from getting into the air conditioning system, this in turn will keep it in perfect working order. Moisture is enemy number one because when this mixes with the refrigerant and becomes acidic, it corrodes your air conditioning system from inside out, causing the refrigerant to leak and your air conditioning to stop working.
A fully functioning system brings you several major benefits, including:

  • Ensuring perfect temperatures are being reached every time
  • Keeping your system clean & cool as well as dehumidifying and a good circulation

It is also recommended that you use your air conditioning in the winter as well as the summer as this keeps the seals lubricated (preventing leaks) within the air conditioning system and keeps your vehicle windows from misting up. This increases the life of your vehicles air conditioning system.

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About Richard
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I’m the proud owner of the first car I fell in love with 50 years ago, something special, a 1970 MK10 (420G).

A self-confessed petrol-head, but my passion is ‘JAGUAR CARS’. I have to date owned around 40 cars.

I am a qualified mechanic and few years ago completed a mobile vehicle air conditioning course City & Guild 7543 001/002 levels 1,2&3, which gives me the ability to service and maintain my own vehicles.

I am passionate about my work, conscientious, hardworking
and honest. I take pride in my work and value my customers.

I’m grateful for their continued support.

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If you need your vehicles air conditioning serviced, then contact R. Lionheart Services mobile vehicle air conditioning today. Using the latest technology, I can test your cars air conditioning system to check that the correct refrigerant is within manufacturers specification, then recover, evacuate and recharge there and then, wherever you are so you don’t need to visit a garage and take time out of your day.

I offer an air conditioning service not only for the more common R134a refrigerant but also for the R1234yf refrigerant found in more modern vehicles as it’s more environmentally friendly.

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Are you having an issue with your cars air conditioning and not know what the problem is?
R. Lionheart Services mobile vehicle air conditioning offer a fault diagnosis and repair solution.
I can visit your home or place of work at a time that suits you and diagnose any air conditioning related problem.

If the vehicle air conditioning system has been broken into, a 40-minute evacuation (vacuum) is required to remove any moisture that could have got into the system.