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The season starts 1st April through to 1st October. R. Lionheart Services mobile vehicle air conditioning offer specialist air conditioning service on classic cars that have used R134a from new and those that have already been converted to R134a and modern cars R134a, R1234yf (petrol, diesel, hybrid & fully electric).

I recommend servicing your air conditioning every two years and then every fourth year alternate the service so that the accumulator or filter/drier is replaced due to the desiccant within these components becoming saturated. By doing this it will keep your vehicle air conditioning in tip top condition. Note: A 40-minute evacuation (vacuum) is required to remove any moisture that could have got into the system.
Standard Service

Consists of taking and recording the ambient air temperature before initial work starts. A recording of the static and running pressure (high & low side) is taken. Checks are also carried out on the centre vents’ temperature, the A/C switch is working, amount of refrigerant recovered, target vacuum is achieved, after 20mins the reading is recorded in millibar. To recharge the system the ambient temperature is recorded again, and the system is recharged with the correct amount of refrigerant. Running pressures are recorded plus the running temperature on dashboard centre vents. A service sheet is then issued to the customer showing the service attained.

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Platinum Service

In addition to the standard service, I also check the fan speeds through measuring the air flow rate from the face vents with an anemometer. The recirculation switch is checked, and all the air conditioning components are secure and in working order. The compressor, condenser & condenser electric fan, accumulator/filter drier, evaporator & condenser core are all cleaned. Checks to see if the TXV, A/C pipes & hose and electric cables are secure, the evaporator drain holes are cleared where possible, pollen filter renewed, the drive belt tension is correct, radiator & fan are operating correctly, and the cowlings correctly fitted and secure.


R. Lionheart Services mobile vehicle air conditioning services operates a fast and reliable door-to-door mobile service, covering the whole of Romney Marsh, Rye to Deal and in land to Canterbury & Maidstone.

I carry out work at a location of your choice and at a time to suit you, meaning less disruption to your busy schedule.

I have a ‘full motor traders’ policy’ which allows us to drive any customers vehicle fully insured.

Before starting work on any vehicle air conditioning, a protective cover is fitted to protect the vehicles bodywork, I then test the system with the latest gas analyser to confirm the refrigerant within.

Only original manufacture approved refrigerant should be used but some businesses will use any refrigerant available or due to the expense, remove the original and replace with a cheaper refrigerant. R. Lionheart Services mobile vehicle air conditioning only use original manufacture approved R134a or the latest R1234yf refrigerant.

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Deep Clean your Vehicle

Keep your vehicle and air conditioning system clean, fresh and hygienic.

I offer two services:

Odour removal deodoriser treatment – which eliminates bad smells from inside the vehicle, for example, spilt milk, cigarette & dog odours and damp smells. I recommended this service is carried out every 6 months.

Air conditioning disinfectant – gives your air conditioning system an antibacterial deep clean, which kills 99.9% of viruses including Coronavirus-COVID-19 and SARS. It is not only beneficial for those with allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues, but also helps you to keep your air conditioning ventilation system running more efficiently. I recommend this service is carried out every 3 months.

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R. Lionheart Services mobile vehicle air conditioning offer an all-year-round service on these types of vehicles.
Please check prices on service page or contact me via the contact page.